A Disruptive adventure between the fashion and art, seeking for inspirational people who like to dare. This is Hickmann Eyewear.
It is always ahead of fashion, art and elegance, always presenting the latest trends! Frantic of life, never sleeps! At any time you can watch an art exhibition or a music concert, you never know where the inspiration comes from, since there are so many ways to get to us.
It carries with it a very rich and diverse palette in bright colors and models that aspire to be paraded in red carpet.
Hickmann Eyewear is for those who are connoisseurs of fashion trends, who appreciate art and really unique shapes to differentiate themselves in an increasingly gray and uniform world.

Dedicated to free-spirited people

Hickmann Eyewear causes entropy, is unpredictable, totally dedicated to free-spirited people, who seek to create their own path but always maintaining an image of extreme elegance and uniqueness.

She is definitely not a follower but a CREATOR.

It is the one that slides through the red carpets of the world, which circulates in strong environments of fashion and art, where everything that is visible is noticed and taken due note. She wants to make sure that her presence is properly noticed by those present, she likes to show her individuality but at the same time her good taste and extreme elegance.

Fashion & Trends News

Hickmann Eyewear thus seeks to be guided by the latest trends in fashion, but above all to create its own trends.

OUTFITS | Tropical Glitch

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OUTFITS | Transparency is trendy too

OUTFITS | Transparency is trendy too Outfits One of the great trends of fashion in this season will be transparency, from more plasticized fabrics to bolder fabrics that allow more prying eyes. To combine with this trend...

TRENDS | 12 Call-Out Shades Spring/Summer

TRENDS |12 Call-Out Shades Spring/Summer Fashion & Trends Colour continues to be a powerhouse and a key influencer of fashion trends for Spring 2018. The desire for colorful self-expression is a key take away for Spring 2018....

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